Make Work More Like Play 2

How Fun at Work Can Make
You Smarter

The word has been getting out—having fun at work has been linked to increases in productivity, higher job satisfaction, reduced stress and enhanced motivation. But did you know it can also make employees smarter?

Fun Leads to More Effective Learning
“Informal learning” is the way employees pick up new skills outside of structured and classroom forms of learning. It’s what takes place when employees pick up new skills and knowledge from their co-workers, or when they are learning new things independently at their desk. A recent study has discovered a link between informal learning and having fun at work.

A Fun Environment Makes You Feel Safer to Try New Things
The study’s authors found that employees in fun work environments are less stressed about trying new things and making mistakes. This leads to greater creativity and growth. A fun atmosphere also contributes to better resiliency and optimism, which improves attention on tasks.

Fun Can Bring Workers Together
Fun can create comradery among employees, bringing them closer together, and making them more likely to help each other, share their skills and teach one another. Better connections leads to stronger teams.

Humans Run on Fun
The most important thing to consider when setting the tone in your office is the needs of human capital. No matter how many machines you have in your office and how vital they are to your output, it’s your human resources that give you a unique edge and make what you have to offer meaningful to your customers——other human beings. Humans are inherently social, and need fun to offset the stress we face every day. Melting it away with a bit of fun makes for a more efficient, creative, positive workplace.

So when time spent having fun at work seems like time wasted, remember the resulting benefits prove it’s anything but.