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San Diego Office Chairs

Did you know that office chairs come standard with hard casters designed for low pile commercial carpeting?  This is particularly true of import chairs where that is your only option.  For chairs or stools manufactured in the United States (like Hon)  you can specify when ordering a soft caster, which is what you would want if you are using a chair mat or have hard surface flooring.  So, in a typical office people use chair mats and end up with a chair with hard casters.  This is fine, except it will eventually destroy the chair mat. 

If you are purchasing a chair or stool for home use, keep in mind that unlike the commercial carpeting in the office, your carpet is a deeper pile and has padding between it and the floor.  This makes it difficult to roll your chair or stool around on it.  So  you purchase the typical thin chair mat which is designed for commercial carpeting because that is all the retailers carry.  They last for a while, but ultimately will crack and break and at the very least your casters will sink into the mat and still make it difficult to roll around smoothly.

Solution?  You can buy oversized casters for your chair.  Or, you can order a much thicker chair mat, which will cost a lot more than the typical mass marketed thin ones.  But, to protect your investment, you should have soft casters to keep from damaging the mat. 

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